I actually purchased this item based upon the reviews. I have to which I attempted this speaker with my Sony head unit MEX-BT5700u which is also sold by Amazon for my Nissan Xterra 2002 high performance. I installed the new speaker on the traveling side but I held the driver's seat OE speaker in order to compare them side by side (I turned driver's or the passenger's presenter all the way down so i could hear each separately and/or together). Results? 1 ) - maximum volume for both OEM and the new speaker was around 20 out of the maximum volume which is 55; anything after that was distortion for both audio system. 2. - Sound is crisp on new audio, but not necessarily a lot better than the sound from the OEM speaker; I was not impressed at all by the sound quality. In my viewpoint the replacement is not worthwhile the decrease on bass sounds in comparison to the OEM speakers, or would it worth the extra treble which cannot be managed due to built-in tweets that cannot be impaired. In my opinion, my 10 years old audio speakers performed better than these. Returned. Its been around monthly and I are still awaiting my reimbursement money which by the way, I had to pay for the go back and a restocking payment.